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Data has been dubbed as the new oil. Global organizations generate great amount of data, in its raw and unusable form just like the crude oil. With low quality, unstructured, unverified or fragmented data, you are losing insights that are waiting to be tapped into and can accelerate your business.

Solytics tailored solutions, help you transition into an insight driven and data centric organization. From setting up your data strategy and governance frameworks, creating the right data management and analytics infrastructure, and embedding AI, ML, and advanced analytics, we assist you in your data transformation journey.

Our Accelerated Data Analytics and Engineering Services

Managing your entire data and analytics infrastructure

Data Engineering
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Skilled engineers create data infrastructure, transforming raw data for efficient analysis, ensuring smooth flow and accessibility.

Cloud Services
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Leverage cloud agility and scalability. Experts design enterprise cloud strategy, aid migration, and offer support across AWS, Azure, GCP.

Enterprise Data Strategy
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Align data strategy with business for digital-age growth. Collaborate with experts for tailored roadmap, data's role in growth, innovation, and decisions.

New-age Data Architecture
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Big data success relies on robust, flexible data architecture. Our innovative architects design scalable solutions for diverse data sources.

Data Management and Governance
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Data integrity via governance. Frameworks maintain trust, quality, enable migration, and holistic data organisation view for effective analytics.

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Access tailored, high-quality data for your analytics. We offer diverse datasets and real-time feeds to keep you competitive.

AI and Advanced Analytics
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Discover insights using advanced analytics, AI, and ML. Extract meaning, create predictive models, and offer real-time analytics.

NLP and Text Analytics
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Harness language power with advanced NLP and Text Analytics. Transform text into insights, enable sentiment analysis, categorise content, and identify trends for precise decision-making.

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MLOps bridges ML and operations. Streamline model development, deployment, and management for agile iteration and stable AI-driven initiatives.

ML Model Audit
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Enhance ML model trust with audits. We ensure transparency, fairness, compliance, and ethics by scrutinizing biases and performance for actionable insights.

Powerful Reporting and Visualization
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Transform complex data into intuitive visual stories. Our tools offer bespoke reporting and real-time dashboards via PowerBI and Tableau.

Our Technology Expertise

Case Studies


One of the top Banks in GCC

Credit Decisioning Transformation

Client had a fragmented credit decisioning process with multiple siloed systems, We revamped the decisioning process that reduced manual intervention and faster

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