The next generation

Model Risk Governance & Inventory Management Platform

Unlock the full spectrum of Model Intelligence: from 360° Overviews to deep-dive precision by leveraging analytics, automation, and powerful AI methodologies.

360 Model Lifecycle Management
Model Performance Monitoring
Powerful, Configurable Workflows
Seamless Collaboration
Automated Document Generation
Robust Audit Trail
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One-stop Solution

For end-to-end MRM program governance

Compliant with global and regional regulatory guidelines
Tailored for financial institutions, with the ability to customize in line with specific institutional MRM frameworks and policies
Ability to create and customize powerful workflows
Provides 360° view and analytics of the complete model inventory, while allowing granular view of individual models
Drill-down view of models, including tiering, workflow, findings, limitations and risk metrics
Enables seamless stakeholder collaboration – MRM program managers, internal audit, validators and model developers
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Simplify the model’s journey.
Models, documents, teams, logs, workflows, and policies

Our next gen Inventory provides a 360° and real-time view of your entire model inventory and enables seamless collaboration. MRM Vault unlocks the full spectrum of intelligence needed by senior management along with precision analytics corresponding to the specific model for faster and smarter decision-making.

01 Powerful, configurable workflows
Proactive model vigilance

with actionable Model Monitoring and Performance

Integrate internal and third-party tools (e.g., NIMBUS, Jupyter Notebooks, SAS) with Vault for transparent model monitoring.

Systematically monitor, track, and analyze key model performance metrics, inputs, and outputs for actionable insights.

Automatically trigger model review/validation if metrics deviate from pre-defined thresholds; generate and record findings for expedited resolution.

Communicate model risk and performance to MRM committee or internal audit through transparent and interactive dashboards.

Mitigate model risk
with seamless collaboration and interaction

MRM Vault has been developed for the Model Risk organization of the future, enabling model development, model validation, and model audit teams with the right tools to collaborate and to expedite model lifecycle activities.

Program Managers
Flexible deployment

To make it easy for you

MRM Vault can be deployed as per the organization’s specific requirements, it is cloud-agnostic and can be securely deployed to private cloud infrastructure. Suitable for large model risk organizations.

Hosted on Solytics cloud
Pay per license, upgrade at any time
Support and maintenance owned by Solytics
Upgrades delivered at lightning speed
Hosted on your private on-premise infrastructure
Fixed Annual Licensing and Maintenance Cost
One time setup and implementation cost in Year 1
Solytics can provide L2, L3 support
Private Cloud
Hosted on your Private Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud agnostic (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Fixed Annual Licensing and Maintenance Cost
One time setup and implementation cost in Year1
Support is optional
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