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Protect your business from reputational risks with our advanced Adverse Media Screening solution, that can be customized to your specific business strategy, risk profile, regulatory framework, or industry trends. Our contextual screening platform leverages state-of-the-art ML and NLP algorithms to provide you instantaneous negative news articles from across the globe based on your preferences.

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In today’s interconnected and information-rich business landscape, Adverse Media Screening is becoming increasingly indispensable across industries. Firms are exposed to a plethora of risks, including financial crimes, regulatory breaches, reputational damage, and association with illicit activities.
Our powerful Adverse Media Screening and Monitoring solution is designed to help firms effectively mitigate these risks by offering early warning indicators, ensuring the following:

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to global AML and CTF regulations.

Avoidance of Fines

Prevent fines and legal penalties by maintaining regulatory compliance.

Reputation Protection

Proactively identify risks to safeguard brand integrity.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Enable thorough vetting of high-risk clients or transactions.

Globalization Support

Identify and flag risks with international entities, ensuring compliance with global sanctions and regulatory standards.

Strengthening Customer Trust

Demonstrate a strong commitment to ethical practices, enhancing customer loyalty.
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Common challenges in AMS

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Credibility and Fake News

Differentiating credible sources from fake news is complex, necessitating advanced verification to ensure decision-making reliability.

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Irrelevant Results

The abundance of digital data leads to irrelevant results, requiring refined search strategies and sophisticated filtering to avoid missing critical information.


Velocity of Information

The fast pace of new information demands more dynamic solutions than traditional static approaches.

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Lack of Standardized Definitions

The varying definitions of “adverse media” across industries make it challenging to establish a consistent strategy. Our experts help tailor a robust taxonomy to your business needs and industry standards.

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