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Free AML Screening Platform

Get started on your AML Compliance journey with SAMS – an award-winning integrated AML Screening Platform — offered for free to eligible early-stage startups. Screen your customers/transactions in real-time against Sanctions and watchlists, PEP database, and a powerful, tailored Adverse Media feed. Secure your operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and focus on growth.

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Designed for Startups, Tailored for Growth

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Free access for first 12 months

Complete access to our award-winning AML screinterening platform for first 12 months for up to 10,000 customers.

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Automated ongoing monitoring and risk rating

Screen your customers at the time of onboarding as well as through their customer lifecycle.

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Seamless API integration

Integrate with your existing solutions and workflows for a seamless, automated experience.

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Powerful customization options

Define roles and hierarchy, access controls, and configure the data you want to screen against (and not a blackbox global dataset)

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Benefit from the same advanced AML screening technology trusted by leading financial institutions, now accessible for your startup.
We understand the unique challenges startups face. That's why we offer our solution for free to help you scale securely and compliantly.
Access a global database of watchlists, PEPs, and adverse media, ensuring thorough due diligence.
With our intuitive platform, integrate AML screening into your operations seamlessly, no matter the size of your team.

How It Works

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Fill out a simple application to confirm your startup's eligibility.

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Get access to our platform with guided onboarding to ensure you're set up for success.

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Integrate our AML screening solution into your existing workflows with ease, thanks to our developer-friendly APIs.

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Start screening customers and transactions instantly, ensuring compliance and security as you focus on growing your business.


Who can apply?

Anyone fulfilling the below criteria.

  • Incorporation Date: Fintech companies incorporated in April 2021 or after are eligible.
  • Website: They should have their own website.
  • Not current or past customers
What is being offered?

Complete access to SAMS platform:

  • Free One-Year Subscription for up to 10,000 customers for Sanctions, PEP, and Adverse Media Screening.
  • Access to the Customer Risk Rating module
  • Access to the platform for screening customers as well as reviewing the alerts
  • API access for integration with existing internal systems and workflows
What is not included?

Any customization/enhancement requests, unless accepted by the Solytics team

How many credits do I receive?

You receive 10,000 credits for 1 year. Every credit allows you to screen 1 customer including their ongoing monitoring and risk rating. For transactions, multiple credits are required based on the screening requirements – payer, payee, merchant bank, etc.

How do I know how many credits are left?

You can monitor the usage on the admin dashboard.

What if I want to purchase additional credits?

Additional credits can be purchased at any time during the engagement – just reach out to our sales team with your requirements.

Do I have to renew the contract after the 1st year complimentary subscription?

No, there is no compulsion to renew the contract after Year 1.

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