Balancing Climate Concerns 2023: A Blueprint for the Banking Industry

An expert review of the newly released "Principles for Climate-Related Financial Risk Management" & what it means for the future of large financial institutions

poster image stating challenges between banking industry and climate change risk and further the solutions to analyze the climate change risk

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"Balancing Climate Concerns: A Blueprint for the Banking Industry" explores the critical implications of climate change for the financial sector, focusing on large institutions. These principles, established by U.S. regulatory agencies, emphasize the need for comprehensive climate-related financial risk management within existing frameworks. They stress the importance of a risk-based approach, without dictating lending practices. Notably, the guidance highlights the responsibility of banks to avoid harming vulnerable communities in their risk mitigation efforts. 

Despite dissenting voices, these principles provide essential takeaways concerning governance, management responsibilities, policy integration, strategic planning, and risk management across various risk types within financial institutions. They reflect the evolving financial landscape, promoting a harmonious coexistence between climate-conscious risk management and broader financial objectives for a resilient and sustainable future.

Download and read the in-depth paper by Dr. Manish Kumar and Alberto Ramirez, FCA, MAAA, for more details.

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