SAMS Newsletter – March 2023

In March 2023, 600+ individuals, entities, vessels, and aircrafts added to the major sanctions list globally.

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Sharing our SAMS March 2023 Newsletter. The major worldwide sanctions lists has seen an addition of 600+ individuals, entities, vessels, and aircrafts in the month of March 2023 .

  • 129 entities and 97 individuals were added by SECO Switzerland, totaling 220+ names.
  • 28 entities and 145 individuals were added to the EU Consolidated Sanctions Lists.
  • OFAC USA added more than 130 names, including 76 entities, 39 individuals, 20 vessels, and 1 aircraft.
  • HMT UK levied sanctions on 6 entities and 49 individuals.

All of these names were instantly updated in our proprietary database to guarantee that our clients are compliant in real-time.

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