SAMS Newsletter - April 2024

In April 2024, 450 individuals, vessels, aircraft, and entities were added to the major sanctions list globally.

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We are excited to share the April 2024 edition of our SAMS monthly series, wherein we bring you a consolidated view of the monthly changes to all major global sanctions’ lists.

In the first month of 2024, some 450 individuals and organizations were added to the global major sanctions list. SECO Switzerland again took the lead and added 184 names to their database. While the OFAC USA sanctioned48 individuals, 27 entities, 18 vessels and 1 aircraft, the Japanese Ministry of Finance sanctioned 6 names.

The European Union added 52 fresh names to the list, and Global Affairs Canada sanctioned 33 individuals. The UK HM Treasury imposed sanctions on 54 organizations.

Department of Foreign Affairs AUS and United Nations sanctioned 7 and 2 names respectively.

All these names were updated in our proprietary database in real-time, ensuring our clients always stay globally and locally compliant.

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